Birds of the world photographed in captivity


We've been lucky to see a great variety of birds in all the continents except Antarctica. However, there are many areas to still explore. Areas like Papua New Guinea, the Himalayas and the more of Southeast Asia are high on the list. This page shows shots of birds that we've seen in captivity at bird parks that work hard to breed endangered species and return them to to wild in some cases. They also display them in natural environments making some of these pictures more natural looking than the wild bird shots (which sometimes result in a bird on a wire or building!). Photographing captive birds has its own challenges, the light is often dim, sometimes one needs to shoot through glass or mesh, etc. Therefore, getting a natural looking shot is often difficult. Some of these species we've seen in the wild but could not get a good photo. These are indicated with an *. This is especially true of the African birds of which I saw many on safari but did not have a good camera at the time. The same is the case for Australia. When possible I've included links to the shots we did get in the wild of the same species. Others are birds we will hopefully see in the wild some day. See invidual links below or click here for a slideshow: Slideshow .



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