Great Barrier Reef, Australia


The outer barrier reef is one of the best snorkeling/diving locations in the world. Unfortunatley, back in 1995, we only had a cheap disposable film underwater camera. My father and I decided to try snorkeling for the first time. What a place to for a first snorkel! Since the lighting was very good in the shallow/pristine reef, a few nice shots came out even with the cheap camera. Brain, staghorn, table, cauliflower, tube and many others can be seen. We didn't see a large diversity of fish but there were large schools of blue damsels, yellow snappers and black and white sergeant majors. Some day, hopefully we will return to see the reef better and Gowri and Aditya can see it. It is very sad the year after year, more and more reef is destroyed due to climate change, coral bleaching and destructive crown of thorns star fish.




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