Sting Ray City, Grand Caymans, Carribean


Sting Ray City is considered one of the 10 best snorkeling experiences in the world. The reason is that at a sand bar out near the barrier reef, attracts a large number of sting rays in just 3 to 5 ft of water. It was so shallow that even Aditya and Gowri (who are learning to swim) could enjoy the experience. We went on a beautiful day on August 26, 2012. The clouds are outer rain bands of the approaching from Hurriance Issac. The hurricane luckily turned north away from the Caymans while still dumping 5 inches of rain from just one rain band on August 27. We experienced the "calm before the storm" with great visibility. The sting rays here are used to people and it is possible to even pose with them for pictures! (Click) . You can kiss them (Click) . Or even get a back massage (Click) .



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