Animals from Around the World


Wildlife photography of larger animals is very challenging since they are hit or miss and when seen are usually around for a very short period of time. Since we don't get too much vacation, we try to travel to areas where we have the best chance of seeing these amazing animals in the wild in a short period of time. It is not possible to compete with the photos of the pros since they often spend months in an area to get the perfect shot. We have been very lucky to see animals such as tigers, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs and bears in the wild and often we've gotten very good looks. Some of the shots presented are composites or multiple shots stiched together. Our home town of Los Alamos has a large variety of North American mammals and we have a phototrap that has captured many of them in action. Many of these species are threatened due to habitat loss and poaching. Unless the current trend is reversed, it will soon not be possible to see many of these animals outside of a zoo. If you have a large screen here is a slideshow of high resolution highlights: Slideshow .


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