Bobcat, Los Alamos, New Mexico


Bobcats are fairly difficult to see in our home town of Los Alamos. However, with the phototraps we have it is possible to get nice looks. The picture above is a bobcat who has visited sporadically over the years. This shot in 2013 is a shot where he is getting a nice mane and is still in his thick winter coat. As a juvenile, this bobcat spent one summer visiting the pond at my parents house occasionally and I even got shots with my telephoto:   (Click). The ravens even had a warning call for him. His blueish eyes and whitish coat give him quite an exotic look. Many bobcats have darker coats. He was not afraid at all and happily looked at me while I took this picture from the back deck  (Click). Here a much larger adult bobcat visited the pond in the backyard of my parents place and was captured with Phototrap. It is much easier to get pictures of bobcats with Phototrap since they do not visit often and visit mostly at night. This fellow seems quite big but you can tell he is a bobcat and not a mountain lion by looking at his short "bob" tail  (Click). Often the bobcat walked by the pond without stopping but sometimes he'll come in for a drink like in these picture:   (Click)   (Click). Here is a rare visit during the day (Click). A very majestic adult male bobcat visited our backyard on North Mesa with his winter coat: (Click). We also saw this younger bobat at North Mesa, and he would visit the pond and would even stalk the chipmunks, birds and squirrels that came to the pond: (Click) (Click) (Click). In 2015, I decided to setup phototrap to try for more high resolution pictures of our night time visitors in good lighting. It paid off and got this strong male bobcat: (Click). Here is a day time shot of this Tom (Click). Here are a few bobcat photos in high resolution: (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res). In June 2015, after years of trying my mother actually was able to use our 300 mm telephoto lens to get this female bobcat at Warbler pond. Since visits are sporadic, we rarely saw a bobcat visiting in person and if we did we didn't have time to get the camera and take a picture. Also, once we opened the window, the bobcat would usually leave. But on this hot day this girl was very cooperative! These are the best sharp shots we have ever gotten: (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res). Despite all of these shots of bobcats visiting, we never saw one with a kill. Then finally we got a picture where this bobcat caught a large packrat at sunrise (Lo-Res) (Hi-Res). In 2015 we continued to see unusually high bobcat activity like this beautiful whitish patterned bobcat: (Lo-Res) (Hi-Res) (Lo-Res) (Hi-Res). For the first time, two bobcats came at the same time. Most likely the mother with cub in the background: (Lo-Res) (Hi-Res).



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