The Kill, Masai Mara, Kenya (6/2017)

We were very surpised to see multiple kills on safari. Back in 2000 we did not see any. This was likely since we were visiting during the migration where prey is so common. On our second day we saw this lioness feeding at the kill. The male has already eaten and was resting nearby. After about 10 minutes she had her fill and left. Hyenas were hanging around nearby and moved in immediately.

It was very interesting to watch the lions eat while the hyenas patiently waited. This was very different from the National Geographic programs I had seen. Our guide TJ said that during migration, prey is so plentiful that lion, hyena, jackal and vultures often take their turn without fighting unlike the battles seen in the TV programs which are filmed when prey is less plentiful.

We even got to see them bickering a bit and laughing as they are famous for!

It was very suprising that hyena tolerated jackals sharing in the kill. I've never seen that on nature shows and Aditya captured this moment beautifully.

We saw this kill midday by a solitary male lion when things are usually quiet but apparently not so during the migration. It was amazing to see how quickly vutures moved in and the lion ate his part and the vultures theirs simultaneously.

Amazingly vulture after vulture arrive to devour the remains.

Huge Maribou Storks also make their way to the kill. They have the largest wingspan of any bird in the world getting as big as 13 feet! My mother Selvi took a great shot of them feeding. After about 30 minutes all that was left were a few bones!




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