Arches National Park

We arrived at Arches with nice thin clouds that gave us a nice sunset that lit up the Windows area beautifully.

The next morning we awoke to beautiful blue skies. I had looked up which arches to photograph in the morning and evening. I also saw that it was possible to photograph Turret Arch through the North Window. It took some climbing but worth the amazing view. If you look carefully you can see 10 year old Aditya (this was his birthday trip) standing at the base of the North Window. It was too difficult a climb for him to get up to this view. You can also see the moon setting.

The Turret when you go closer shows both a large and small arch next to each other side by side.

We made our way to Double Arch where Aditya got this very nice photo showing how this formation unusually has two arches.

In the afternoon we took the steep hike up to Delicate Arch, the most famous arch in the park. Aditya took this nice photo framing the background mountains with the arch.

I was able to hike up to a small arch to take a photo of Delicate Arch and the bowl. This view is one I did not know about based on my research.

On our last morning we made our way to Devils Garden to view the 2nd largest arch in the world, the amazingly thin Landscape Arch.

On our last evening Aditya captured balanced rock under the crystal blue skies.




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