Sawyer Glacier, Alaska




The amazing things about fjords is that glaciers carve out channels that can be over 1000 ft deep. This allows for enormous ships, like the Disney Wonder (that we were on) to get close to glaciers that calve into the ocean. The Sawyer glacier was calving a great deal when we visited in July, 2014. In the picture above, you can see a calving event where the glacier is breaking off and falling into the ocean as the glacier continues its constant flow towards the ocean. The icebergs and newly broken off pieces of the glacier can be seen in blue. The ice is blue since glacial ice is much denser than normal ice and lacks oxygen. This results in this beautiful blue color. Every five minutes are so a new calving event would take place. Here is a close up shot of the calving where you can see chunks of ice falling and creating a splash:   (click). The chucks of ice and the icebergs are actually quite large. You can see the scale when you look at a closeup of the beautiful iceberg in the lower lefthand corner where a raft is passing by the iceberg:   (click). I was amazed at how many beautiful icebergs we encountered thanks to the calving glacier   (click)   (click)   (click).




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