Taku Glacier, Alaska




For Gowri's 40th birthday, we took and Alaska cruise in July 2014. In Juneau, Gowri took a helicopter ride while Aditya and I went on a glacier/whale photo tour. I had already taken the helicoper tour back in 1994 with my parents and Aditya, being only 5, would be just as happy on the photo tour (being a budding photographer). Gowri was very fortunate to arrive on the first day of the year where the weather was so good that they could land on the Taku glacier. She managed to take many amazing photos from the helicopter and from hiking around the glacier. The picture above shows beautiful glacial lakes with bright blue water filled with minerals and meltwater. Flying to the glacier, she saw the many deep crevasses that make up the glacier:   (click). She also saw the massive scale of these glaciers and how they are literally rives of ice:   (click). Here is Gowri on the glaicer   (click). Once on the glacier, she was able to see the beautiful blue meltwater streams that flow across the glacier showing how active glaciers are:   (click)   (click).




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