Aditya's Model Railroad

Aditya with Thatha and Paati Original Green Engine which started Hari's Railroad Gowri getting a tour of the railroad Grandpa's train room and Aditya's railroad The railroad tour continues Original owners of American section Ludwig and Lois Chuck and Darien helped move the US section of the railroad from White Rock to Los Pueblos Stacy and workmen helping build the Indian section base Stacy and workmen helping build the Indian section base Thatha and Aditya working on the railroad Aditya running the trains Aditya connecting up the compartments Hari running the trains Cougar stalking elk, fox and bobcat in the US section Our old steam engine approaching Indian zoo section Viswanathapuram Station Polar bears at the zoo Giraffe eating acacia with train and double decker bus Aditya's idea to recreate India's national parks Kabini National Park Lodge The prestigious Gowri Institute of India The India Section American and India sections Bengal Tigress suckling her cubs at Kaziranga Rhino and Tiger facing off at Kaziranga Lion family at Gir Giraffe eating acacia Tirupathi temple on the mountain Temple Worshipper at Temple Bear family in American Section Vriddachalam Pond Sloth Bear Tigress carrying cub at Kabini Bank of India Kamala Nehru Hospital Hospital interior Movie theater Indian tourist billboard Indian billboard Indian tourist billboard Passengers at the platform Train signal Gateman Aditya Nagar water tank Aditya Nagar Central Station Aditya Nager coaling station Bathroom at railway station Small temple Indian grocery stores Indian sari store Indian clothes store Amtrak running thorough the American section Aditya manning the controls Aditya making labels for the railroad Amtrak running past native wildlife Bull and cow elk American section Playground and church in American section India section India section Indian city scene Adobe building in American secition American farm American playground American section closeup American junk yard Amtrak Indian village scene Indian market place Indian market place Indian market place Haripuram station Indian village scene Indian village scene Indian village scene Indian village scene Indian temple Worshippers Indian native wildlife African exhibit Penguin display at zoo Panda exhbit at zoo Grizzly bear exhibit Llamas exhibit Taj Mahal and snake charmer Horse stables Selvi's sari store Selvi's farm Aditya's movie theater Asian section of the zoo Australian section of the zoo North American section of the zoo Leopard Temple and water well Indian village stores Indian village scene Hindu temple Moose Stock yards Srinivas house Bobcat and fox at warbler pond with backyard NWF certification Aditya park Dinosaur statue Aditya giving a tour Srinivasan house and Backyard habitat






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