Anaconda, Pantanal Norte, Brazil (7/2019)


We did not expect to see any Anacondas on our trip. Although there are many in the Pantanal they mostly stay hidden in thick vegetation making them impossible to see. However, a rare event took place during our visit. Sometimes when a female is ready to mate it draws numerous males to the area. Our guide found 4 Anacondas all within 50 meters of one another behind many branches on the river bank. It was an amazing site but not possible to get good photos. But then on the radio we were told one more Anaconda was found sunning on the sand nearby. This they said was super rare so we speedily went to the location and saw this enormous 12 foot long Anaconda! They can reach 15 feet.

I thought we were very lucky to see this Anaconda but since it was sunning itself that it would hang around for a long time. But in 5 minutes it slithered away into the vegetation. A really lucky sighting for us and now I understand why the boat driver went faster than he ever had to get us to this spot!




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