Giant Anteater, Pousada Aguape, Brazil (7/2019)

I have been fascinated by Giant Anteaters for a long time since they are unusual and beautiful and not a creature most people are very familiar with. It turns out Giant Anteaters are difficult to see in the Northern Pantanal where one has their best chance at seeing Jaguars. In most places they are shy and impossible to find. So many who go to the Pantanal do not see them. The Southern Pantanal gives one a very good chance of seeing them along with a great abundnance of spectacular birds like Hyacinth Macaws and Toco Toucans. During our three day stay at Pousada Aguape Lodge allowed us to see 6 Giant Anteaters during our stay. Rodrigo our guide knew how to approach them from upwind so we could get quite close since their vision is quite poor. On our first safari we quickly ran into one quite close to us and another far off in the distance. We took this shot from our safari vehicle.

On our second day we were able to park upwind from a Giant and slowly hiked for Aditya to get this closeup shot.

On our third day we got close again since we took a horse-drawn safari. The Giant Anteaters are comfortable with horses allowing us to get amazing looks!




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