Brown Bear, Alaska (July 2021)


Seeing a Brown bear in person is an amazing sight. Brown bears are a common sight at Denali national park back in 1994 when I visited Alaska with my parents. We saw this guy by simply taking the park bus which passes right through Grizzly territory. He got up from eating berries to take a look around and stood a good 7 ft tall just about 10 feet from the bus (Click). We visited Alaska in May so the bears had just recently come out of hibernation and were very hungry. This is another impressive fellow who was also rummaging for food   (Click). I returned to Canada and Alaska in 2014 with my own family. We did not manage to see wild Grizzlies but did see these two rescue bears in Grouse Mountain, Canada. They have been given a very large enclosure which resembles their natural habitat where they even hibernate every year:   (Click) (Hi-Res)   (Click) (Hi-Res)  (Click) (Hi-Res)   (Click) (Hi-Res)  (Click) (Hi-Res). In 2021, we visted the famous Brookes Falls in Alaska during the Salmon run in July. We saw an amazing number of bears catching salmon at the falls like shown above and in this slideshow: (Slideshow).





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