Langur Monkeys, Bandhavgarh, India


Langur monkeys can be seen in many Indian National Parks. They often can be spotted near Chital dear. Together they work to warn each other of predators such as tigers and leopards. The langurs do not have a keen sense of smell but can climb to the top of trees. The deer have great smell but are limited to the ground. Together, they make things quite challenging for the predators. When foraging on the ground, lookouts will be up in the trees making sure tigers and leopards are not around: (click). Warning calls from Langurs, Chital and Sambar are one of the primary methods used by guides to look for tigers. Our guides told us a tiger that has been seen by prey is like a five alarm fire with the entire jungle calling out to warn of the tiger. A leopard is more like a one alarm fire. Here are some high resolution pictures: (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res).



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