Giant Otter, Pantanal Norte, Brazil (7/2019)

I had read watching Giant Otters and their antics of catching fish and eating them should be straightforward to see. However despite seeing them at Southwild and along the Cuiaba river we only saw them quickly moving along the river and disappearing onto a bank. Then on our final safari we went to the area with the best chance of seeing them. We eventually found a family group but they kept swimming and only bobbing their head up occasionally. Finally one of the otters caught a fish and the fun began! It was still tough to get sharp photos due to the rocking boat and the quickly chewing otters but some shots came out well.

Otters often look cute but in this shot this fellow looks a bit like Gollum in Lord of the Rings!

They eat the fish in quite a messy manner which is fuuny to watch.

It was fascinating watching them swim quickly along the river and seeing how good they are at fishing.




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