Proboscis Monkey, Kinabatungan River, Malaysia (7/2022)

Proboscis Monkeys have always been one of my favorite animals and have reminded me of some alien species from Star Wars. They are threatened and I assumed it would be difficult to see them in nature. It turned out we saw many in Kinabatungan and much easier to see the Oragangutans. Aditya got this great shot of the dominant male with his female and baby. Males exhibit extremely long noses of up to 7 inches, which are likely to attract females whose noses are usually shorter. Another important characteristic of Proboscis monkeys is their diverse color patterns, varying from bright orange to yellow or pink. Additionally, newborn Proboscis monkey display blue faces that turn to cream color as they grow up.

The dominant male is the one with the biggest nose.

It was great seeing them feasting on the leaves and relaxing close to the river. One could get quite close from the boat.

Here is the dominant male next to another male where you can compare noses.

It was amazing to see them jumping through the trees.




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