Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain National Park


It turns out just an hour from our house is a great place to see Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. We were lucky to have our friend Mark Schraad show us big horn during the rut in November 2018 (Hi-Res Sequence). Rocky Mountain National park is a great place to see big horn sheep. Above I was very lucky to see a group of big rams in their alpine habitat on trail ridge road that is the highest paved road. This famous road in Rocky Mountain National Park winds its way up until it gets above the tree line and makes its way through the delicate alpine ecosystem. Click here for high resolution pictures of these impressive rams: (Hi-Res Sequence). Click here for low resolution pictures of the rams: (Lo-Res Sequence).

At Yellowstone we saw females up close on the cliffs that surround the Northern entrance to the park near Gardener. You can see how well camoflouflaged they are and how they are often perched in precarioius positions high on the cliffs. Here are some high resolution shots (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res). Also, some low resolution shots: (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) . You will likely see some hiking some of the higher peaks in New Mexico as well.



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