Birds from Around the World


Birding has been a hobby of mine since I was child. My mother would help me identify birds and I knew many of the common backyard birds when I was 5 years old. Birds also happen to exist in many of the most beautiful places in the world so Gowri and I often travel to these locations. Even locations that are really dull often have beautiful birds if one looks carefullly. Photographing birds is extermely challenging since they are usually on the move, tiny and difficult to locate. This adds to the fun. My wife Gowri encouraged me to get the expensive lenses required to get good picturues so I have her to thank for these shots (some of which were taken by her). My father works in the field of optics and advised us of which lenses to get. We've taken many more bird photos than shown on the website. I've tried to just present the prettiest birds and best shots. Some of the photographs are compositions in which multiple shots are combined to obtain a shot that best depicts the bird in its natural environment.

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