My wife Gowri and I volunteer our time with some fine organizations. We often try to combine our love of photography and nature with raising awareness for some of the issues we care deeply about, like the environment, species extinction etc. We list some of the organizations here.


  • Saving Wild Tigers is a project of the Sierra Club run entirely by volunteers. SWT raises money for the various immediate needs of the wild tigers such as protecting the tiger, its habitat, its prey and its protectors (Community-based conservation). You can check out videos of our trip to the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in India in Nov 2007.
  • PEEC is a local environmental education organization based in Los Alamos. The focus of PEEC is to educate the community about the rich and varied natural heritage of Northern New Mexico. We have managed to capture the majority (about 70) of the local avifauna on camera and they are displayed on PEEC's bird website.
  • Friends of the Shelter is a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of shelter animals in Los Alamos and surrounding areas.

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