Bull Moose, Brainard Lake, Coloardo (8/23/2015)


I've been wanting to see a Bull Moose since I was a child and finally got great looks at Brainard Lake, Colorado. Read about my visit to this spectacular area. If you have a high resolution monitor click here: (Day 1 Hi-Res) (Day 2 Hi-Res). For a low resolution monitor click here: (Day 1 Lo-Res) (Day 2 Lo-Res).

In addition to these closeup shots, the Bull Moose here were cooperative enough to take wide angle panoramas with the moose in the foreground with spectacular Brainard Lake and Mount Audubon in the background. To me these type of images symbolize the best of the Rocky Mountains and this place isn't even a national park! Click here for high resolution panoramas: (Pan 1 Hi-Res) (Pan 2 Hi-Res) (Pan 3 Hi-Res). Click here for low resolution versions: (Pan 1 Lo-Res) (Pan 2 Lo-Res) (Pan 3 Lo-Res).

I return in September, 2016 to try my luck again since the rut would have started by then. The Bulls will loose their velvet and I was hoping to catch some ineteresting behavior. Moose are less common in the area in September but if you do catchup with them you have the chance to see Bulls fighting, matings and Bulls calling. I ended up seeing bulls, cows and calves as the rut was about to begin: (Hi-Res) (Lo-Res).

In 1995, we saw this mother and baby moose right near the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone (Lo-Res). At Grand Teton in 2015, we also saw a mother and baby for some great looks. Click here for high resolution pictures: (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res) (Hi-Res). Click here for low resolution pictures: (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res) (Lo-Res).

Here are slideshows of the best moose shots: (Slideshow). Also here is one final cropped shot of the majestic bull with Brainard Lake in the background: (Click).



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