Mountain Goat, Mount Evans, CO


Mountain are only found in North America. They are typically found in Alpine and Subalpine species so one usually doesn't see them unless one is above the tree line. Often if one does see them they are off in the distance and they're just white dots among snow capped peaks making them very hard to see well. Mount Evans is one of the few paved roads that takes you to the domain of these beautiful creatures. The Mount Evans road take one above 14,000 feet and the goats are usually at the very top of the road! I visited in August when wildflowers were still blooming making for many beautiful scenes. Here is a high resolution sequence: (Hi-Res Sequence). Here is a low resolution sequence: (Lo-Res Sequence). Being just a few hours from Brainard Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park and the Denver/Boulder area makes the Front Range one of the best locations for wildlife photography in North America.



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